At Authenticity U we teach self-awareness. It’s through self-awareness that you discover your SuperPower.

We teach through guided reflective activities that allow you to really “see” yourself, remember who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do. You gain the courage to do your thing, the confidence that you have the tools to do it, and the confirmation of your next steps.

Every class is designed to lead you to stronger self-love, confidence, and courage to be who you really are, unapologetically and without fear.

Life is too short not to be who you really are. It’s too short to deny yourself of your SuperPower. So there’s nothing to it but to do it.

What would your life be like if you had a practical life system to find, live and share your SuperPower doing what you love while making a difference in life?

It's a challenge to find, live and share your authentic Superpower.

Just think about it...

Most of us from a young age have suppressed our SuperPower. We discarded believing in it when we were taught how to behave. First from our parents, then our teachers, our peers, bosses. After a while, we get so used to these outside voices influencing our lives, that we lose sight of who we really are, of what’s going on in our own inner voice.

We forget the power we lived with when we were children, or young adults eager to make a mark on the world and before we know it, we’re living on autopilot -- acting according to societal standards of who we should be, not really being who we are and not realizing that this lack of self-awareness may be at the source of the challenges we face, forgetting our SuperPower and living on auto-pilot.

But life’s changes have a way of forcing us to wake up and life is constantly changing. Whether it's a global pandemic, social unrest, preparing for retirement, losing a loved one, changing careers or shifting a relationship. Life always presents new circumstances to adapt to. Then moments come where everything can either come together or fall apart.

You want to step into each unfolding moment with confidence. Free to make the decisions that will lead you to greater fulfillment, deeper meaning, and happiness. The problem is, in times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to take the next step because the fear of making the wrong decision often stops us from doing anything at all. We realize we have been on auto-pilot too long.. We’re not happy with our lives, yet we are still doing the same things and when we’re faced with a major life decision we often find ourselves completely overwhelmed because we have lost sight of who we truly are or given away our identity and SuperPower to a corporate job or a relationship.

Leaving a big unanswered question:

“What Should I Do Next?”

The answer?

Get to Know Yourself. Find, Live and Share your Authentic SuperPower!


AuthenticityU will help you tap into your authentic self, learn your natural gifts, and how to share them with the world. We’re here to offer guidance and suggestions, but it’s up to you to reflect and absorb what resonates with your authentic self.

Begin by clicking the link below and taking our initial assessment.

Then connect with your SuperPower through single classes or membership. Our ‘Quick-Start’ program gives you a ‘SuperPower Tune-Up’. The ‘SuperPower Process’ lubricates your soul and takes you deeper into you.

We also offer one-on-one coaching as well as certification programs for coaches, trainers and speakers.


My journey to get to know myself and uncover my Authentic SuperPower started over 30 years ago. I realized that I had done everything my parents had suggested for me – I had gotten married, become a teacher, bought fancy cars, a house, and had money in the bank – But I was still miserable.

I hadn’t realized how much I had been on auto-pilot, how I had strayed from my natural gifts and talents and denied my authenticity. I didn’t know what to do with myself because I didn’t know who I was. Instead, I had become my parents’ version of who they thought I should be. But the real me, the real Norma still didn’t exist. The real Norma didn’t have a voice. And she desperately needed one. In an effort to discover my true self, I embarked on a 30-year quest to self-discovery.

Through the decades of study and practice, I’ve taken countless courses, received a number of certifications, and worked alongside some of the best experts to discover what it truly means to be authentic. I am now known as an international authority on authenticity and self-awareness, and a change agent who helps individuals and organizations grow. I’ve spoken on hundreds of stages around the globe, and I am the author of 4 books including Ten Steps To Authenticity, Blueprint for Engagement, and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker.

I love that I have found myself and my SuperPower and do you know what my SuperPower it? It’s helping other people find their SuperPower!

After years of working exclusively with private clients, I’ve now created a program that allows me to share my knowledge of authenticity with more people than ever.

I call it AuthenticityU: an online school based on the nine-dimension Authenticity Grid and corresponding Authenticity Assessments that help people and organizations

  • .Look at the story of their life,
  • Re-discover their natural gifts and talents
  • Identify their weaknesses
  • Better understand their true authentic selves
  • Achieve clarity on who they are
  • Live happier, fuller, and more authentic lives

AuthenticityU has transformed the lives of many people,helping them achieve clarity on who they are and live happier, fuller, and more authentic lives as a result..


“I learned how to speak from my heart”

Sharon Record

"I don't know where I can get this level of understanding on any program that I've ever been with. It's metaphysical, psychological, ecological, spiritual, intellectual and everything else. I love it and wouldn't miss it."  

Dr. Dexter Russell, Santa Fe, NM