What Does Wealth Really Mean?

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Are you struggling to find your path to wealth? It's a path that all of us travel from one perspective or another and it can be very challenging.

We are taught that wealth means the accumulation of money. But is that the only definition of wealth?

No, it's not.

From an authenticity perspective, wealth means joy and abundance. Having an abundance of the things that give you joy.

What brings you joy? Is it family, friends or the activities you do? Perhaps it's learning something new or fulfilling your purpose. Or maybe it's your community or a cause you are devoted to.

I've met a lot of people over the years who have lots of money but are not joyful. And I've also met many people who have little money yet are filled with joy.

What makes the difference?

If you get absorbed by money as the definition of net wealth, you spend your time focused on money and the things it can do for you. I've met lots of people like this then they get to retirement and find that their lives are empty. They are confused about what wealth really means so they move between one idea and another and have a difficult time making a solid connection with joy.

Instead of juggling your definition of wealth and how you approach it, take a solid perspective that ensures that the way you think about net wealth gives you abundance. Take an authentic perspective that will help you bring more joy and abundance in your life.

This class will assist you to examine the areas of your wealth. Are you financially wealthy, spiritually wealthy, relationship wealthy, opportunity wealthy or do you excel in another area of wealth? Is your wealth balanced? If one area is stronger than the other, does it balance out your life so that you do not focus on the things that you don’t have but instead focus on what you do have? As you take this class, examine your definition and expression of net wealth as you understand how to create additional joy and contentment in your life.

Your Instructor

Norma T. Hollis
Norma T. Hollis

Norma T. Hollis is a human awareness expert who believes we each have a right to live an authentic life. She has learned that living an authentic life begins with a clear connection to your intuition.

Norma's life has been very authentic. Her intuitive voice started speaking to her when she was only eight years old. This was when she had excruciating earaches and the voices in her head comforted her. By the time she was in her 30's she had built a strong relationship with her intuitive voice. She had also experienced numerous health challenges that stemmed from her childhood earaches. As a result, it was difficult for her to live the 9-5 lifestyle offered by society. Instead, she ventured out to find independent ways to live her life.

In the process, she developed the Authentic Voice System, a process that helps people learn how to love their life.

One of the first and most important dimensions of the Authentic Voice System is INTUITION. Norma teaches eight ways your intuitive voice speaks to you. Your intuitive voice is your GPS system, your navigator and partner on your journey through life. When you learn to listen to and trust it, then partner with it, your journey through life in greatly enhanced.

Norma's class will take you through the process. Through her classes, you will learn about yourself in unexpected ways.

Norma takes you on a journey inside of yourself. She will help you get intimate with nine different dimensions that make you authentic so you can love yourself deeply and achieve your life purpose.

Norma’s programs are magical. They transform you with the wisdom and inspiration to do and be your authentic self. She's the founder of Authenticity U and author of multiple programs, books, videos, audios and other learning tools to help people and organizations understand what it means to be authentic. Her programs are popular internationally.

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