Authentic Life Circles

Exploring Life from the Lens of Authenticity

The Authentic Life Circle is a community of people who are actively pursuing the sense of purpose and personal power that comes from living an Authentic Life.

The community is led by a network of Authenticity Ambassadors who can help you make the life-decisions in front of you from a place of Authenticity and Power. We are also dedicated to helping you coach yourself so that you can grow into your confident Authentic Self and transform to a life of expanding fulfillment and joy.

The transformation takes place through ongoing activities that enable you to:

  • Network with like-minded people - Online, real-time networking with others.
  • Gain new perspectives on your life - As you learn about the Authenticity Grid and the nine dimensions of authenticity, you will expand your view of yourself and what is possible. You will also expand your view about what it means to be human.
  • Gain clarity about your authentic life
  • Get confirmation on your next steps
  • Gain the courage to do what you need to do

Authentic Life Circles are grounded in the Authenticity Grid. You will gain extensive knowledge of the Authenticity Grid and learn how to use it as a self-coaching tool. You can then use it at any time to coach yourself through challenges. Or bring your challenges to the call to get feedback from the group. If you are not aware of the Authenticity Grid, watch this video:

Authentic Life Circles coaching will take you to the next level. Bring your scores from the Authenticity Assessment and learn how to interpret them. In addition to getting coaching from the call leader, you also get feedback from others on the call. Feel free to join in the conversation. If you have not taken the Authenticity Assessment go to this link:


Through weekly group coaching sessions, we nurture your growing connection to your authentic self and help you cope with the challenges of stepping into your authentic self. At these weekly sessions you can:

  • Get weekly direction on all nine dimensions of authenticity so you never lose your way...
  • Ask questions that are unique to your personal journey and get answers from experts that are tailored to your individual process...
  • Strengthen your authentic voice in a supportive group of life-minded people...

After a brief weekly lesson, the group coaching will be open to your questions as they inevitably arise. At this sensitive stage in your development our ambassadors will be able to guide you through any confusion you encounter so that you can continue your progress along your journey to a fully Authentic Life.

Listen to a sample call from our archives:

The Relationship of Thoughts and Energy -


-or- use this one:


You will also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge with unlimited access to an expanding library of digital courses on each dimension of Authenticity. Feed your new authentic voice at your own pace as you study the topics that are most critical at each stage in your journey.

You'll benefit from classes on subjects like:

  • What are my Natural Gifts and Talents (Understand the Nine Wisdom Gifts and How They Relate to You)
  • Master Your Habits (Does Your Lifestyle Suit You?)
  • Gain Inner Peace (Recognizing that Your Inner Voice is Always Speaking)

Take a look at our classes at this link:

Invest in Yourself!

As you know, there are many external voices that seek to influence you all from day to day. Family, friends, employers, advertisers, politicians...the list goes on and on. There are many people who have opinions and sometimes even plans as to how you should spend your time, energy and money.

When you have a strong connection to your inner voice, you are equipped to make authentic decisions that lead you to fulfillment and joy despite the external pressures that exert influence on you. It's truly a gift to be able to confidently express yourself and make choices that are in your best interest.

If you're like many of our clients, you've likely invested plenty of time money, and energy into your family or career throughout the years. You deserve to invest your resources in creating a life that deeply fulfills you at every level of self.

i encourage you to choose the path of authenticity and develop a confident sense of direction so that you can enter a new phase of life as your empowered self.

Participate in Authentic Life Circles and take a journey inside of yourself. Learn how you can transform your life!

We meet every Tuesday on Zoom at 5:00 Pacific / 8:00 Eastrn to listen, participate and learn from each other. We also have access to classes and other tools that help us find, live and share our authentic voice.

It's a great way to grow with grace and ease, gain clarity on your life path, confirmation of next steps and gain the courage to do what is yours to do.

You Primary Call Leader is Authenticity Expert Norma T. Hollis.

Norma is the creator of the Authenticity Grid, Authenticity Assessment and Authenticity U. She has dedicated her life to helping people know themselves and be the authentic person they were born to be. She opens the hearts and minds of people and inspires them to make a difference in the world. Her wisdom comes from a deep place of knowing and she shares it liberally. You will benefit from being on the calls and taking the classes. Enjoy your journey to authenticity!

"Join us and transform your life, one tweak at a time."

There are three membership options:

Full Membership - Become an Advocate of Authenticity - Participate in calls and classes for one year and receive certification as an Advocate of Authenticity. $397 one time pay

  • Full access to Authenticity U to take inventory of yourself through classes that take you on a deeper journey into you.
    Click HERE to view current classes –
    • Take the classes that will help you ‘tweak one thing’.
    • Find the classes that represent your lowest scores from the Authenticity Assessment so you can learn about, reflect on and strengthen those areas.
    • Take as many classes as you like, in whatever order you choose.
    • Get a full ‘personal development tune-up’ by taking all of the classes, at your own pace.
    • Gain insight on areas of yourself that you may never have considered.
    • Reflect on what you think, say and do.
    • Coach yourself and watch yourself transform into the person you want to be, fulfilling the dream you want to achieve.
  • Weekly group calls to interpret Authenticity Assessment scores, deepen understanding of yourself, learn more about the dimensions of authenticity, and meet other people seeking the same thing. Includes group coaching and Q&A. Calls are held on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 Mountain / 7:00 Central / 8:00 Eastern
    • Meet a network of like-minded people.
    • Enjoy interacting with people who are asking the same life questions that you are.
    • Listen to expert speakers share information on multiple aspects of life.
    • Get personal coaching in a group setting.
    • Learn while others are being coached.
    • Get clarification on any classes from Authenticity U.

Authentic Life Circle Calls Only - $21/month

Authenticity U Classes Only - $21/month

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